ACPO National Police Co-ordination Centre

The National Police Co-Ordination Centre (NPoCC) is responsible for assessing national policing capacity during major events. We were approached to develop a professional brand identity within the department of ACPO (The Association of Chief Police Officers).

Naked worked within strict guidelines to develop an identity that would sit alongside Home Office and ACPO logos on governmental documentation. However, once the identity was developed, we could creatively apply the branding to mousemats, mugs, lanyards and signs for the department's office. 

ACPO NPoCC Branding Logo
ACPO Police Logo Branding
ACPO NPoCC Branded Interior Office Signage

"Your contribution in support of our transition from PNICC to NPoCC has been very much appreciated. A key part of that transition called for the development of our marketing strategy, and it is in this regard that your input was invaluable."

– Inspector, ACPO NPoCC
ACPO NPoCC Branded Stationery Design
CPO NPoCC Logo Design
ACPO NPoCC Branded Interior Office Signage
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