Great design has an impact, it inspires, it lives with you - and it sells. The perception of you and your communication lives or dies by the quality of your design. Don’t get it wrong. We’re here to make sure you get it right.

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Design, or Graphic Design, is the visual portrayal of your company brand. It’s the combination of words and images that you use to tell your company story.

So why is design important?

Great design is remembered for the right reasons, bad design can have the opposite effect. It isn’t remembered at all!

Design has the ability to solve problems, to communicate messages simply and effectively.

Done well, design evokes emotional responses that can have a profound effect. It has the ability to make you laugh, to make you cry, make you angry. It has the ability to shock and repulse. To make you love - and hate.

Creativity is at the beating heart of great design. The less complicated the better. In the right hands design brings together creativity and craft using, your words and images, to get the attention of your audience.

A beautifully crafted campaign not only has the ability to sell products, but also to tell a story. A story that can linger for longer in the mind than maybe the product it was initially intending to promote.

Why Naked?

Graphic design has been at the very core of Naked since we hit the road in 2002. Since then we have created and crafted thousands of pieces of design. We truly believe that creativity must be at the core of everything we do. This is how design creates impact for our customers.

It can be a quirky logo or impactful campaign. From the visual on a website or messages on the interior of your building, or how a product is presented on a piece of packaging to an animation on social media. 

Naked strips a problem down to find the real issue by learning what it is you are trying to achieve. We then use the most important tool we have, our minds, to generate creative ideas with a commercial edge. Standing out from competitors can be challenging, we know that design is an investment so what we do has to deliver a positive impact to your business.

In this ever-changing digital world it is important for us and for you to keep up with the latest goings-on. We also know that traditional media still very much has a part to play. For us it’s about finding what is the right route for your organisation or brand to take. We create design to last. We don’t follow the modern zeitgeist design trends. Ubiquity does not work in design, originality is the key to success. You need to stand out.

We’re not here to win awards, we’re here to win you customers.

What does success look like to you? 

You'd be amazed at how many answers there are to this question and our process begins with an initial meeting where we start to explore this with you. We delve, analyse and scrutinise your brand, respectfully of course but it’s important to ask these questions.

We love to be playful at Naked. We draw, we cut, we stick, we write, we listen to music. Everything that helps inspire us. These activities help us to create your solution. Then our experienced team critiques, looking for the best in an idea and the best route to develop these ideas. 

Our process is a reductive one. Stripping back is what we do. The simplest ideas are always the best, yet sometimes the most difficult to execute. If you think of the best pieces of design, the best ads or best logos, there is always a great idea and a serious lack of clutter.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients throughout the design process. As much as clients like to see polished visuals, they also love to see our initial sketches. 

(Ps. Naked HQ is next to a bakery so we can bring cake too.)

Great design by Naked Marketing

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