Who are you? How do you portray your business or product to the outside world? What’s your look, feel, personality, tone of voice? We’ll take you through the fundamentals and bring ‘you’ to life.

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Branding undressed

Your brand is more than your logo – think of it as your image and reputation, what you stand for. It’s the thoughts and feelings people have about your company, products and services. These feelings are uncontrollable, but with great branding it is possible to influence them.

Say your brand stands for great service, environmental change or great tasting healthy food – then great branding will tell that story and people will know you for exactly that.

Demonstration: The effect of branding

How do your thoughts about price, quality and customer experience change once you've clicked the image?

Branding Aeroplane Branding Aeroplane Easy

Why branding is important to your business

Good branding gets you noticed; it makes you stand out from the competition and leaves an unforgettable impression. It can be the deciding factor between a customer, or next employee, choosing you and your product, over another.

People will buy based on brand and a strong brand opens opportunity for price differentiation and business growth.

Inside your business, strong branding can give employees a sense of pride and a guiding behaviour so every interaction your customer has with your company, meets or exceeds their expectations. At all levels it can inform your decisions, processes and strategies.

Why Naked?

  • We'll keep it simple. Starting with finding your greatness – what it is that makes you special.
  • You'll see creative professional design that makes your company shine, energising your staff and inspiring your customers. 
  • You'll get noticed by the people you want to get noticed by, and remembered for the things you want to be remembered for.

Who needs complex brand strategy documents that nobody understands or knows what to do with?

The only positive impact they are going to have is on the agency's end of year financials. That's not us.
We believe in stripping it down to the fundamentals of successful branding.

Our Branding Process

Branding that's outstanding

Do you have a branding challenge?
Let us help you start to undress it. Contact me, Dan, to get the ball rolling.

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