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Branding the future of Norwich business

First got Naked 2022

Seizing an opportunity to thrive

As a result of Norwich being officially recognised as a Social Enterprise City by Social Enterprise UK, an opportunity arose for a new brand intended to drive awareness amongst the public, local private forms and local officials of Social Enterprises within the city. Whilst also providing a support network and channel through which those SE’s in Norwich can collaborate and communicate. Through this new brand, Social Enterprises in Norwich can thrive.


Starting with a name

The new brand had a strong concept and vision. But it needed a name, a simple proposition with some clear messaging and a recognisable look and feel. Following a brand workshop with key stakeholders, Naked shortlisted name ideas – working with the client to eventually settle on FUSE. The ‘F’ and ‘U’ borrowed from the word ‘Future’ and the ‘SE’ being shorthand for Social Enterprise. The notion of ‘fusing together’ or ‘lighting a fuse’ also aligned with the purpose of the brand. From there, we developed a clear proposition along with supporting messages – designed to help raise awareness and understanding of SEs.

The brand identity focused on the overarching vision of a more equal economy (a vision shared by all SEs) and giving local SEs a voice and platform on which to thrive.

FUSE Messages
FUSE Postcards
FUSE Balloon
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A new era for Social Enterprises in Norwich

FUSE Norwich was successfully launched on 18th November 2021 at a city centre launch event with local businesses and government officials in attendance. The launch of the brand sees in a new era for Social Enterprises in Norwich. Big social change doesn’t happen overnight, but with FUSE in support and helping to raise awareness, SE's in Norwich have a greater chance of achieving their own individual purpose within society.

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Big social change doesn’t happen overnight but FUSE is helping SE's achieve their own individual purpose in society