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The Norfolk Reading Project

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Improving literacy rates across Norfolk

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Enthusing young people and teachers 

The Norfolk Reading Project is a super local charity aimed at supporting teachers to improve literacy standards across Norfolk. 

To do this, they rely solely on volunteers to give up their time visiting schools to work closely with children on their reading and literacy skills. 

The challenge was to help recruit more volunteers following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We love supporting charities, especially local ones, and we saw a big opportunity to help support them with a paid social ad campaign to drive volunteers to sign up.

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Delivering value and return

The Norfolk Reading Project needed to engage with a group of individuals who were most likely retired or semi-retired and able to give us some of their spare time to help the charity. 

Given the demographic of the target audience we felt Facebook advertising would be perfect for the charity. We were able to set up Facebook ads to target - 

• Age
• Gender
• Geographical Radius

Setting up specific targeting was really important to help reduce the budget, as there was only £200 worth of ad budget to spend on the campaign. 

Having agreed the budget, we designed the visual for the ads to capture attention and drive traffic to the website. 

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Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

We then set up the adverts to run over a two week period with a budget of £200.

In fact the ad campaign was so successful we had to pause it before the end of the £200 spend to allow the team to cope with the number of enquiries they had received. 

Budget Spent - £87.17 | Impressions - 18,398 | Clicks - 820 Resulting in over 50 volunteer requests for the charity

What a fantastic result! I am flabbergasted at the response so far and I am looking forward to welcoming lots of volunteers to our team of Reading Support Volunteers .
On behalf of The Norfolk Reading Project I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your amazing efforts with our promotional material. Not just for this recent marketing campaign but for all the years that you have supported our work in the community by providing the best possible design at the best possible price . We do not take this for granted and would like to apologise if we took a little bit too long to finalise our designs this time - we are hoping that we can use them on repeat and wanted to get it just right as being a Literacy charity we have to be very careful with wording!”

Anne Thorley – The Norfolk Reading Project

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