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A blood curdling creative marketing campaign

First got Naked 2023

PrimEvil, Norfolk’s largest scare experience, is an award winning Halloween attraction which takes place at ROARR! in Lenwade, Norfolk.

For the 2023 event, we were asked by the team at PrimEvil to get our teeth and claws deep into a jaw dropping, blood curdling, stop-you-in-your-tracks creative marketing campaign. The objective: to lure more victims to the event running through October.

PrimEvil Main Zombies 1

Helping to lure the unsuspecting public for 2023 was a set of newly themed haunts. The headline act and inspiration for the main creative theme, was an impenetrable survivor safe-house in a zombie-apocalyptic world – Mayhem Manor, a supposed refuge for the stricken survivors – humanity's last hope.

PrimEvil Valentines Offer

The first creative to emerge from the dark was an early Valentine’s Day teaser campaign – a zombie bride with tempting early bird ticket offers. Meanwhile, behind the scenes the key visual and messaging for the main campaign was being developed. Along with new branding for the updated haunts.

PrimEvil Circus of Terror
PrimEvil Mayham Manor
PrimEvil Route 666 v2
PrimEvil The Crypt

Also part of the horrific plan, a newly designed website would help to capture any lurking online visitors, turning them into victims on the night. We refreshed the user experience, making the site easier to navigate on desktop and mobile, whilst incorporating the new 2023 event branding.


The campaign also came to life across billboards, social media, email marketing, pint cups, signage and tickets. It had to live across multiple applications but also have complete consistency to help with recognition and impact. A brand book, detailing brand assets and how the campaign should be used, helped with this and included guidelines on messaging, tone of voice, imagery and branding for each of the haunts.



The assets we created were also easily adopted by the team at PrimEvil, enabling them to apply the creative theme to media such as bus adverts.

PrimEvil Bus Ad
PrimEvil Photos 2023 22 web

Serving pint image ©Luke Witcomb

One of PrimEvil's key objectives for the campaign was to get complaints. In doing so, it would prove that the creative attracted awareness and evoked emotion. The Advertising Standards Authority received not one, but 12 complaints. Objective achieved!

Brand Book