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Ladies and gentlemen... The greatest show in hygiene!

First got Naked 2020

Manufacturing brand goes vintage for a new look

Norwich based Teknomek is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of hygienic stainless steel equipment and furniture. They pride themselves on producing intelligently designed products at great value backed by a helpful and knowledgeable customer support team.

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A move away from the norm

There’s a tendency to create the obvious when working in the manufacturing sector. Teknomek lead the way, so the creative direction needed to as well. Naked look to evolve a new theme for each year as part of Teknomek's marketing strategy. This theme – a playful Victorian design demonstrates constant innovation and thought, giving a real distinction for the brand. Also, engaging brilliantly with customers who will notice something out of the norm.

Teknomek Catalogue Design
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Just have fun!

Creating designs that are fun and playful (if you are able) makes people smile, it’s that simple. Make people smile and they remember it too – isn’t that what marketing is all about? Remembering brands and their products for the right reasons. We're lucky that Teknomek as a brand are not afraid to push the boundaries and have a little fun – creativity is seen as an important tool in standing out against the competitors.

"We continue to see Naked as an extension of our marketing department."

We’ve enjoyed a successful relationship with the team at Naked for over 8 years and we continue to see them as an extension of our marketing department. The close working relationship we enjoy comes from an understanding of our brand and our challenges. They have continued to wow us from a creative standpoint, and the quality of design continues to engage and inspire our audience. The creative strategy for the year ahead demonstrates the quality of our brand, products and has a positive impact on our sales. Their creativity keeps us one step ahead of our competition and maintains our position as a manufacturing leader.”

Marketing Creative Lead

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