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Bringing a well known dinosaur brand back to life

First got Naked 2021

Let’s start at the beginning, but not quite 2 million years ago...

There is no bigger dinosaur-themed adventure park in the UK than ROARR! 14 miles away, in Hingham, we heard the ground-shaking ROARR! – a brand that wanted Naked’s help to transition from one of the regions best-loved family days out to a national destination for a fun-filled dinosaur adventures.

The brand had a vision – the spot marked ‘X’ on the map – but how could it get there? Naked’s job was to help guide how the brand could present itself in order to bring to life the new positioning as ‘The #1 dinosaur-themed adventure park in the UK’. We started at the core of the ROARR! Brand – what it represented – it’s values, mission and guiding principles.

ROARR Brand Logos

Imaginative Adventure

In true Naked style, we stripped back what had become a complicated and diluted brand to its core purpose of ‘Imaginative Adventure’ and helped ROARR! determine how the #1 dinosaur-themed adventure park should act/behave. These became guiding principles for the brand and how it presents itself to the world – both visually and messaging-wise.

ROARR Leaflet

We simplified the logo and updated the ‘house-style’ for ROARR! Based on this strategic brand work

Brand Guidelines v3

Once we’d laid the foundations, the work that followed would flow more easily. ROARR! serves as the umbrella brand for a family of sub-brands and intellectual property – from loveable mascot Dippy and his Friends, to food and beverage outlets and the series of special events hosted by ROARR! throughout the year. Naked worked with ROARR! to develop these sub-brands – including bringing Dippy to the homes of families across the UK through a storybook.

Dippy Book v2
Food and Beverage Signage
Terrys Splash Supplies

From concepts to finished artwork, Naked helped ROARR! to develop its IP portfolio both on and off-park.

We created a brand bible that would help guide internal teams and other collaborators on how to use the ROARR! brand and story behind it. This meant ROARR! could produce materials in-house that stayed on brand. The style guides included in this document would also influence the design of advertising and promotion outside of the park – on billboards and poster sites across the region.

ROARR Various work

We’re witnessing evolution!

ROARR!, as a business, is in the midst of an exciting period of development – call it an evolution! It now has a great brand, built on strong and authentic principles to help it on its own journey. As it shifts forward to achieve its vision, consistent and engaging use of the brand will be key. Testament to the brand, is the exciting collaboration with Gigantosaurus, one of Europe’s best-known dinosaur-brands to bring a whole new experience-area to ROARR!

Naked is delighted to continue to work with ROARR! to bring the brand vision to life. Especially rewarding is seeing the branding feed through to the experience on the park – as new wayfinding, attraction signage and food & beverage branding is added to the park.