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Going from an idea to a market disrupting brand

First got Naked 2021

Going from an idea to a market disrupting brand
Plain Speaking PR approached Naked to work alongside them on the Probate Protect brand launch project. Positioning and brand identity would be crucial in helping this new brand get off the ground – launching into an established market, communicating what the brand offered and how it was different to its competition was vital. 

The idea was a new approach to taking care of your financial affairs ahead of your passing. ‘Prepaid Probate’ was the coined phrase, but one we needed to avoid. The brand needed to establish and clear positioning with an appealing brand identity that would go some way to building trust between brand and consumer. The starting point for the brand strategy would be the brand’s vision:

“To be the probate brand that all others aspire to be”.

Probate Protect Brand ID Logo stacked white bg
Probate Protect Brand ID Logo
Probate Protect Brand ID

Immersing ourselves in everything Probate

To begin, we arranged a day-long immersion workshop between Probate Protect, Plain Speaking PR and Naked. We used this time to get a full understanding of the market, the vision, the product, business and people behind it. 

Coming away from the workshop we were able to distil our thinking, with the insight guiding how we defined the brand strategy and positioning. It was clear that everything the business had done to date and a big part of their future vision, was based on being extremely robust – offering safety, security and fairness.

Probate Protect stationery
Naked Website Case Study Probate Protect

A brand built on a promise

Probate Protect represents assurance and protection. At the heart of the brand lies a promise – a ‘Promise to Protect’. Providing peace of mind that your estate and the financial security of your loved ones are protected as best as possible, so you can get on with enjoying your life. We developed a customer proposition of ‘fixed fee pre-arranged probate – promising you peace of mind.’ 

Probate Protect Social Phone Insta
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Probate Protect Website laptop phone
Probate Protect Brochure
Probate Protect Brochure spread

The visual identity incorporated a stylised dove - to represent peace and purity, sat in a nest. Linking to the idea of creating a safe and secure nest for your loved ones in the future. Once the design of the branding was agreed, we could apply it to immediate marketing and sales tools requirements – crucially a website to drive enquiries and some premium-feel printed items. With everything, the brand wanted to create a premium-feel for any customer interaction. We worked with Plain Speaking PR to produce SEO-friendly content in order to drive traffic to the site. 

Thank you all, its a momentous occasion for us after months of hard work. A massive THANK YOU to all involve and who helped realise our vision.