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Lomax Spiral Systems

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Spiralling upwards to raise awareness

First got Naked 2021

Driving brand engagement 

Lomax Spiral Systems has been providing bespoke cooling and freezing systems to some of the biggest household names over the last 20 years. However their brand awareness in the UK was a little limited, as were their direct enquiries. 

The challenge was to increase brand awareness in the UK and drive up website enquiries.

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A bespoke answer for a tough challenge

This was a particularly tough challenge given the bespoke nature of the systems, but also presented a big opportunity to add value to the business.

Each system is a large ticket item and presented Naked the opportunity to deliver increased leads and prove a return on investment.

The Lomax team are all highly skilled experts in their field, but had no dedicated marketing individual in the business. This meant great ideas and potential marketing campaigns would invariably struggle to materialise.

It was Naked’s role to deliver marketing strategy, activity and campaigns. We became the Lomax marketing department. 

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Developing Lomax’s Success

Our first step was to uncover the greatness in Lomax. What made them great? What made them stand out from the competition? Why were they the best option in their sector?

From this initial discovery we were able to identify a number of marketing actions we could undertake to help them drive awareness and leads. We then collated these marketing ideas into a simple to follow marketing plan.

The marketing activity varied from month to month depending upon the goals and objectives agreed at the outset. This meant we were able to test and learn different marketing tactics to see which worked best for their audience.

Increase in web traffic of 68% | Increase in organic search (Google) visitors by 40% | Increase in social traffic by 713%

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