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Keeping up with the online expectations of customers

Founded in 1982, Gasway Services Limited, part of Flagship Group, are the largest heating company in the East of England – keeping thousands of families warm in their homes each year.

Although an established, trusted, and well-known supplier in the region, more and more of their competitors have been shaping and refining their service offering through various digital platforms - including e-commerce - and it became clear that Gasway needed to undergo digital transformation in order to keep up with the growing expectations (speed and efficiency) of customers, especially during COVID-19.

Gasway needed a new, e-commerce website that fulfilled the following overarching goals: ‘reach new customers’, ‘reduce costs of servicing customers’, and create a ‘superior customer experience’.

Gasway Snapshot

E-commerce website designed with the user in mind

It is no secret that customers like fast and efficient service. With a new e-commerce website came the opportunity for a bespoke quote and scheduling tool to be designed, solely with the user in mind.

Gasway Mobile Mockup

The ‘Get A Quote’ and scheduling tools could allow customers to be self-sufficient, save the Gasway team time and provide an interactive and smooth booking experience.

Strategy & Website Workshops

The website was a key part of the digital transformation project. We needed to consider the customer journey, including the questions posed.

The original questions, answers, and end results were provided by Gasway which Naked transformed into an interactive form design. This design was presented to a testing group in the form of a user testing workshop. The testers were not involved in the project and could therefore provide objective feedback on the usability of the form.

Being careful not to lead the users in any way, Naked oversaw the users testing the form, after which they provided comprehensive feedback which enabled us to revise elements of the form all while keeping one goal in mind - a clear and easy user experience.


A shift in strategy for the Gasway brand meant a suitable time to review the current branding.

The old logo had become tired and Gasway wanted one that better represented the brand following their digital transformation. Consideration also needed to be given to prominent offline applications such as van livery.

Naked modernised the Gasway brand identity – now better suited for use in a digital environment, also better representing the business that Gasway is today.

Far from being a standard e-commerce website, the main aim was for customers to be guided through their purchasing journey - to ‘Get A Quote’ and to book their installation and/or survey.

Gasway Logo Comparison

Website Design

The design process included considering both how customers might interact with the website and how we want them to interact with the website. This enabled us to design useful and visually appealing blocks that would look great no matter where they were placed on a page.

A block-led design approach meant a significant level of flexibility for Gasway - blocks could be matched to content rather than the other way around negating the need for redundant copy, and Gasway can continue to update their website whenever and however they want to without having to rely on Naked.

The overall objective of the new website was to drive leads through the Get a Quote tool and scheduling system, therefore, the website design ensured that customers were never too far away from a call-to-action.

Project Management

With 18 project stakeholders, it was clear that project management would be a key part of the new website.

A weekly call was held each week to ensure that all parties were being kept up to date and the run-up to launch required a very hands-on project management style with increasingly regular communication in order to ensure everything ran smoothly.

This hands-on approach provided reassurance to the client that the project was in hand and the open communication throughout meant that no stakeholder was unclear as to progress.

Aftercare & Support

The launch of the new website is only the beginning. We are on hand for any support that the client might need and are looking for ways in which we can further improve the website, using data such as Google Analytics to identify opportunities.

With a large website project, reassurance, and consistent support throughout is fundamental.

Gasway Tablet Mockup v2
Gasway Mobile Mockup 2
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