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Electric Wheels

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Recharging an all-electric, all-terrain utility vehicle brand

First got Naked 2019

Time to recharge

Times change and brands are not immune. When we first worked with Electric Wheels on their branding, the company was in start-up phase with one product. Since then, the company has grown and evolved, expanding their range of all-electric all-terrain vehicles and widening their model from hire only, to sales and hire.

With new technology and sustainability driving change amongst consumers, the time was right for Electric Wheels to strengthen their brand and positioning. Our aim was to help Electric Wheels take this opportunity to increase their market presence.

Naked Marketing Case Study Electric Wheels Postcard design 2023

Electric Wheels had identified opportunities to diversify from their original 2-wheel work bike

Electric Wheels Animated Logo

Brand identity built around a new, powerful proposition

To put the wheels in motion, before any visual work, Naked helped Electric Wheels redefine their brand proposition. We questioned Electric Wheels about their business and brand, assessed changing consumer attitudes towards electric vehicles and compared competitors. Why? It was important to clarify what the brand represented, before looking at how we could present that visually. From here we could build the brand – from values and key messages to personality and logo/design elements.

To support the new proposition, we wanted to ‘beef-up’ the logo, revise the descriptor/ tagline and suggest that photography showed the vehicles at their greatest – in full-flow, at work in their natural environments. These fundamental changes were then supplemented with new elements that would make up the refreshed brand identity – a set of icons, new design features, headline copy suggestions, font choices and templates for social media graphics.

Naked Marketing Electric Wheels Brand Guidelines 2023
Electric Wheels Brochure Design 2023
Electric Wheels Magazine Advert 2023
Electric Wheels Advert Template 2023

We created a new sales brochure, showcasing the full range of all-terrain vehicles that Electric Wheels have to offer as well as highlighting the brands values and key messages. The new look and feel has also helped to guide the design of advert templates, social media posts and website graphics.

Electric Wheels Website Design 2023

This was more evolution, than revolution. We referred to it as a ‘Brand beef up’.

Electric Wheels Social Media Design Facebook And Instagram 2023
Naked Marketing Electric Wheels Brochure

Creating a brand that will go the distance

Through taking the time to understand what made Electric Wheels great, where the company wanted to go and what was happening around them – we were able to define a simple, inspiring proposition from which to build the brand, which in turn would influence their marketing and advertising. Not all branding projects need begin with throwing out the old. From understanding where the challenges were and identifying how we could address them, we guided Electric Wheels through a successful recharge of their brand.

Following the work, we continue to work with Electric Wheels to roll-out the new direction. Working on sales literature, advertising and online graphics – all staying true to the brand’s new positioning that we helped to shape.

This way of working is how we believe we can create more effective brands for our clients, that will stand the test of time.