How engaged is your audience?

How engaged is your audience?
How engaged is your audience?

The term ‘moving image’ can cover everything from animated GIFs for logos through to branded promotional videos. Its proven track record to increase audience engagement means its popularity has well and truly overtaken the use of traditional still graphics and photos. With this in mind we sent Jodie to London earlier this year to train in Adobe After Effects, an industry-standard piece of software which allows creatives to produce motion graphics and visual effects. 

The two day introductory course took her through practical exercises right from the off. These included video layering techniques, using filters for special effects, animating typography and working with audio and voice overs. The course also looked at different rendering techniques and ways to optimise the finished production for broadcast in HD or for the web. While no previous experience was needed for the course, Jodie’s interest in animation proved a useful starting point.

Jodie’s new skills have been very quickly utilised by the Naked team, and indeed our clients, with the production of social media campaigns, animated logos and promotional showreels combining video and graphics. Enhancing marketing content with moving images not only helps distinguish your brand from your competitors, it also makes it more memorable, particularly across social media platforms. Animations can create interest and differentiate from the static surroundings as customers find the content eye-catching and engaging. 

This was particularly evident in the promotional video we recently created for Park Farm Hotel. Based in Hethersett, the country house hotel was hosting a wedding show and needed a marketing piece to help promote the event. They already had a number of existing videos but needed to bring those together alongside photographs, a marketing message and audio.

Used across their social media channels, the video so far has received over 10,000 views, helping to highlight their USP’s as a wedding venue.



Jodie has been busy utilising her new skills for our very own showreel which will demonstrate some of the great work we’ve produced recently. It’s due for release very soon, so watch this space!


By Jodie Cole on 29.01.19