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Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, Action

By James Hale

Lights, Camera, Action

Earlier this month our very own James Hale stole the spotlight at the iconic Abbeygate Cinema in Bury St Edmunds, bringing the essence of Naked Marketing to life on the big screen. 

It wasn't just another night at the movies though; it was a showcase of brand magic and the boundless possibilities that unfold when you unleash your marketing potential with us here at Naked. In collaboration with industry peers such as Sky, Barclays, JMS Group Limited and Media Managers, the evening was a celebration of regional business and the creative minds that propel it forward. Amidst the glitz and glamour, we also tipped our hats to the Ad Master Awards' shining stars – Fine Watch Club Norwich and Bullards Gin.

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But the real showstopper? James's captivating presentation (we're biased) on how we can be your secret weapon in the quest for marketing excellence. Here’s a quick summary of James’ presentation on the Big Screen.

So... imagine you’ve spent time, resources and budget on building awareness for your brand (bravo!). You might have achieved this through networking, advertising, TV, digital marketing (the list goes on).

You’ve completed the hard part - your brand has visibility (and if you haven’t yet done this part, we can most definitely help). You now have new eyeballs and increased eyeballs ready to find out more about your product or service. BUT what happens next is absolutely critical to your marketing success… 

You NEED your SUPPORTING CAST. Introducing…

Website: CONVERT     Illustrations Monitor ResizedImageWzYwMCw0MjBd

You’ve spent time/budget to build awareness of your brand and this will drive increased traffic to your website, now your website needs to CONVERT.

CONVERT into sales: Is your website able to handle e-commerce transactions? Do you know how many website visitors you get? Do you know your conversion percentage? Do you know which pages on your website convert the best? You need to know!

CONVERT for data capture: If you can’t sell immediately, are you capturing data for future marketing? Do you know how many interactions you need before a sale? Do you know what data you need to capture? 

And don’t forget, your website experience will need to feel similar to all previous interactions with your brand.


Digital Ads: CATCH Illustrations 40 ResizedImageWzQwMCwzOTRd

Your increased awareness has grabbed the attention and created interest. The customer now heads to Google or social media; sometimes with your brand name, sometimes with a specific search term.

Imagine you’ve built great awareness for your removals business, only for the customer to head online and search for ‘Removals near me'. You don't want to loose them now!

Digital ads will help ensure the traffic makes it to your website/phone number/email address. They can also be used to re-target to anyone that’s visited your website previously and help you build lookalike audiences to find more customers perfect for you.

Social: SUPPORTING ACTOR Illustrations Speech Bubble ResizedImageWzQwMCwzODZd

Your marketing campaigns are flying, your brand is everywhere. Now your new found fame will find customers discovering your other marketing and a lot of the time, this will now be social. 

Social is your best supporting actor, it’s very rarely the star, but it plays an important role in re-emphasizing your messaging/efforts across all marketing. 

Does your social create the same excitement? Do customers feel the same experience on your web vs social vs email? Does your social signpost customers to your website? Does your social help you capture data?

You’re going to need a good cast to make this successful and social is a key cast member.

Email: REMIND Illustrations Mail ResizedImageWzQwMCwyNTBd

So you’ve got a set of existing customers, your campaigns have helped you capture a new set of customers/prospective customers. Don't give up now!

Email is your ability to keep reminding them about your product and service at the right time! Email is your underrated cast member.

And finally…

Brand design: FEELING Illustrations Bright Star ResizedImageWzQwMCwzODJd

We all get a gut feeling when we see something. We all think something when we see the Golden arches right? That’s brand. 

What feeling/thoughts do you want to create when people interact with your brand? To create these you’re going to need excellent branding/design/communication (cough cough Naked!)

There are 5 simple steps to a great brand: 

– Positioning
– Identity 

And the best brands will always create an emotive response.
If yours doesn't, then get in touch.