Release the designer in you and your young ones!

Release the designer in you and your young ones!

By Dan Bradfield

Release the designer in you and your young ones!

Do you feel like getting creative? Could you help to inspire a new generation of graphic designers?

We’ve designed two fun-to-do-at-home kits for you and your young ones to enjoy getting creative with and break up the Maths and English!

Design your name!

Us designers love to play with lettering and fonts (yes we all have our favourite fonts!) Use the A-Z and 1-9 sheets in the Design Your Name Kit to colour and cut out the letters of...

  • your name 
  • or your pet’s name 
  • your house name/number 
  • or just get creative with a message your favourite fonts and stick them together and show off your unique name design. The funkier and more colourful the better!

Don’t have a printer? Trace your favourite letters from your tablet or laptop and create that way. 


Steve’s Fashionpiration

As well as the typography fun, we couldn’t do this sort of thing without involving our main man Steve. Alone in the office as we all work from home, Steve’s taking the opportunity with no one around to try some new outfits. He’s looking for some fashionspiration! Using the Steve Fashionspiration Kit, cut out or trace your favourite fashion accessories, colour them and bring together the ultimate outfit for Steve. 


We’d LOVE to see your submissions, please please share and tag us on Instagram (@designbynaked) or Facebook (@nkdmarketing).

Our favourite designs will receive a custom-designed ‘Designer in the Making’ certificate to display proudly in their house.