The day-to-day faces


David Lloyd

Creative Director

David began his Graphic Design studies at the University of Lincoln at the age of 16 — then came to East Anglia to complete his Honours Degree and refused to leave. He worked for a number of agencies before teaming up with Ben to launch Naked Marketing. He leads Naked’s creative team — inspiring customers and staff by delivering high quality, creative solutions.


Ben Handford

Managing Director

Norfolk born, Ben gained an Honours Degree in marketing before joining a large London ad agency to learn the ropes. He returned to Norwich where he worked for a number of local agencies before deciding to start one of his own. Ben is passionate about converting client challenges into successful campaigns. He is an active member of the Norfolk Chamber, Norfolk Pro-Help as well as Norfolk Community Foundation. In his spare time Ben is one of the founder members of Porkstock which was EDP Tourism event of the year and has raised thousands for local charities.


Dan Bradfield


Dan is an enthusiastic and talented designer who lives and breathes graphic design. Hailing from the reputable Norwich University of the Arts, Dan gained an honours degree in graphic design. He thrives on ideas — converting creative challenges in to visual results. Dan has designed projects for households brands and SMEs alike.


Jodie Cole

Senior Creative

Award winning Jodie Cole, as a student, won membership to the International Society of Typographic Designers, and so has a strong eye for type. She gained an honours degree in graphic design at the University of Lincoln before venturing in to the agency world. Jodie joined Naked Marketing to apply her creative skills in a more stimulating environment and has now been with the company over 12 years.


Simon Foster

Senior Artworker

Simon brings his experience and skills to the Naked studio after joining us from Archant. With over 20 years experience under his belt Simon is a proficient artworker and budding designer. Simon also brings with him an excellent vocabulary and the ability to reach things on high shelves - being 6'5".


James Hale

Account Executive

James is a passionate and talented digital marketer, with experience in search engine optimisation, google analytics and website traffic growth. Having graduated from Staffordshire University with an Honours Degree in Sports Journalism, James has a passion for sport, and can often be found on the cricket field representing Norfolk CCC.


Matt Johnson

Freelance Graphic Designer

Matt is a highly experienced designer with a background in print and digital publishing. With over 10 years experience in the creative industry and a graduate of Norwich University of the Arts, Matt enjoys working closely on large projects with Naked Marketing on a freelance capacity. 

naked steve

Naked Steve

Steve’s origins are somewhat unknown, however, he has been part of the Naked Marketing team since the early days. Occasionally, Steve gets moved upstairs as, when we can, we like to offer a chance for students to come and be a part of the team. We know that work experience is an essential tool for a future graphic designer and we take pride in being able to help. So if you would like the opportunity to steal Steve’s chair for a few days, contact

The Open & Honest Design Agency

Naked Marketing was born in 2002 through the ideas, experiences and frustrations of Ben Handford and David Lloyd. Both had experienced working in marketing agencies and both were convinced that creativity should be focused on the client’s project, not their invoice! Our philosophy is simple: always add more value than you charge.