The Open & Honest Design Agency

Naked Marketing was born in 2002 through the ideas, experiences and frustrations of Ben Handford and David Lloyd. Both had experienced working in marketing agencies and both were convinced that creativity should be focused on the client’s project, not their invoice!

The day-to-day faces

David Lloyd2

David Lloyd

Creative Director

David established his Graphic Design credentials in the midlands before relocating to Norfolk and teaming up with Ben. David heads the creative team – managing the studio and ensuring high standards of design, creativity and critical thinking in all work that Naked produces.

Daniel Bradfield

Dan Bradfield


There must be something Dan loves about Norfolk because he has never left! Completing a degree in Graphic Design at the highly-regarded Norwich University of the Arts in 2009, Dan soon settled in at Naked. He thrives on solving challenges with ideas and has a strong focus on branding, brand strategy and the effectiveness of design.

Jodie Cole5

Jodie Cole

Senior Creative

Jodie’s smile has been lighting up the Naked studio for well over a decade. An award-winning designer who boasts strong photography skills, Jodie brings her unique style to projects for all manner of client. Jodie also has a talent for creating motion graphics and video content, a great tool for improving customer engagement for our clients.

Simon Foster

Simon Foster

Senior Artworker

Simon brings to Naked experience, knowledge and skills gained over 25 years in the industry. Impeccably proficient with a sharp eye for detail and impressive vocabulary, Simon has earned himself the role of chief proof-reader, nothing leaves the studio without him casting his eyes over it.

James Hale

James Hale

Account Manager

James is our millennial and with that he brings an instinctive talent for all things digital – search engine optimisation, Google Analytics and social media are all
second nature. James successfully manages the online and offline marketing for a wide range of client accounts.

naked steve

Naked Steve

Steve’s origins are somewhat unknown, however, he has been part of the Naked Marketing team since the early days. Occasionally, Steve gets moved upstairs as, when we can, we like to offer a chance for students to come and be a part of the team. We know that work experience is an essential tool for a future graphic designer and we take pride in being able to help. So if you would like the opportunity to steal Steve’s chair for a few days, contact