Kingsley Healthcare

Kingsley Healthcare has grown from one care home in Lowestoft in 1999 to nearly 30 homes across the country. In light of this continued success and growth, the time had come to refresh the company image with a rebranding exercise.

Kingsley is built upon award-winning principles and their approach to care so we carefully designed a brand identity to reflect this. Starting with the soft, stylised 'K' of the main logo the branding has successfully been rolled out across all stationery, company brochures, exhibition stands, website, social media, promotional leaflets, signage, uniforms and various promotional materials – ensuring a strong and cohesive identity for the whole brand.

The brand also had to work alongside Kingsley's sub-divisions, so Naked worked to develop these into a family. Further extending the family, each of Kingsley's 20-something care homes carry their own identity, something which we also worked alongside Kingsley in developing.

Kingsley Healthcare Brand Logo Design
Kingsley Healthcare Brand Guidelines Design
Kingsley Brochure Design Branded Stationery
Kingsley Healthcare Exhibition Stand Design
Kingsley Healthcare Home Brochure Design
Kingsley Healthcare Branded Signage
Kingsley Head Office Branding
Kingsley Healthcare Press Advert Design
Kingsley Healthcare Group Branding Logo Design
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