Independence Matters

Independence Matters delivers support and assistance to people with learning or physical disabilities, mental health issues, older people and people with dementia. 

Developing the branding was a complex undertaking and required us to consider all the different services provided and the various user groups. Before designing, we felt it was essential to have a site visit to get a feel for the services and more importantly the service users. From this we could really communicate our experience in the design.

The end result was a vibrant and playful identity with a strong message behind it. The service launched successfully across Norfolk and Naked have been delighted to be part of that, applying the branding to a content-managed website, stationery, brand guidelines, pull-up banner stands, brochures, pens, wristbands, lanyards and internal and external signage across all sites. 


Independence Matters Brand Logo
Independence Matters Branding Positioning
Independence Matters Brand Guidelines Stationery
Independence Matters Responsive Website Design
Independence Matters Norfolk Brochure Design
Independence Matters Branded Items
Independence Matters Branded Interior Design
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