Star Wars Packaging

Star Wars Packaging
Star Wars Packaging

We have been fortunate enough over the last couple of months to work on some exciting packaging projects alongside Icefresh Foods.

Icefresh Foods and Naked Marketing have enjoyed working together on several projects over the last decade, including packaging designs for Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty and Thomas the Tank Engine.

This time around we were asked to come up with some creative packaging concepts for Star Wars and Frozen Ice Cream Lollies.

The brief was to create five different designs that appealed not only to children but to the parents as well. The packaging also had to have a healthy feel to it, as this is forming part of Disney’s drive to appear more health conscious in the food sector. 

Back in October we began to create visuals for a Snowflake and the characters of Olaf, a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and Yoda.

The initial visuals were met with encouraging feedback from both Icefresh Foods and Disney, which allowed us to refine and shape the packaging before presenting a final design solution and the finished packaging can now been found in a range of supermarket stores, including Aldi.

Following the launch of the ice cream lollies, the feedback we have received over recent weeks from Icefresh and Disney has been very, very positive and we look forward to creating more packaging concepts in the near future.  

Storm Trooper Pack Shot3


Yoda Pack Shot2


By Jodie Cole on 23.06.17