Naked Inspiration

Naked Inspiration

By Dan Bradfield

Naked Inspiration

Stuck for inspiration or just a bit bored of all the usual sources?

True inspiration tends to be right in front of you, you just need to remember look a little harder and use your imagination. Look at the everyday, could it be bettered or changed in some way. 

Here’s an example...

Looking at our phone screens has become almost habitual. I was doing this very thing a couple of days ago when something occurred to me. There’s a picture in the background of my wife and son, covered up by all these apps that supposedly help us lead a better life. However it’s the image of my family in the background, obscured by all these apps, that best represents my perfect life - I just needed to see beyond what was immediately in front of my eyes to realise this. 

In complete contradiction to the above I am rather partial to Instagram, it’s a great source of instant inspiration, I look at it once in the morning as it can help me discover a thought or nudge me toward a solution for the day-ahead.

I also listen to a couple of different podcasts – ‘Arrest All Mimics’ and ‘Let’s Talk Branding’ – whilst out on my morning run. Again, this can set up some great ideas for the day ahead. I’m a morning person and tend to have my best ideas at this time of day. I’m not someone who works late into the night and I try to deter my staff from doing this too, as there’s only a finite number of decisions you can make in a day. 

Lastly, keep talking with colleagues and friends about your ideas. Never disregard an idea, no matter how bad you think it is, there could be some gold in there. Just show it to someone else. 

Elsewhere on the team, Simon takes a lot of inspiration from useful social media feeds such as Twitter from Adobe – lots of useful artworking snippets, ideas, short-cuts and techniques. 

Jodie takes a digital approach to inspiration and often looks to InVision. Their Inside Design platform provides digital product design tips, resources, news and inspiration from the worlds smartest companies – all aimed at beginners through to those who are well established within the field. Their online UI is also pleasing to the graphic designer’s eye! For super cool and clever website design, Jodie turns to httpster, an inspiration resource showcasing examples of innovative website interfaces from far and wide.

Ben is what we call a member of the old school, sourcing moments of inspiration from being outdoors, taking on Crossfit and, if all else fails, getting the paint brush out! 

In a similar vein Dan likes nothing more than a quiet walk in the fresh air to get inspiration for his next project. 

By David Lloyd on 08.10.19