NAKED - New Apprentice Keen Enthusiastic Dedicated

NAKED - New Apprentice Keen Enthusiastic Dedicated
NAKED - New Apprentice Keen Enthusiastic Dedicated

After the initial interview, second practical interview in the office I finally got the call I had been waiting for- “you have been chosen to be our apprentice”. Speechless and relieved, I had been trying to get into marketing leading up to this moment. As you can see, unsuccessful until now.

In high spirits we set a date to start. Having spoken to Norwich City College to get the ball rolling and dragging my parents out on a shopping trip I was prepared for the next chapter of my life.

Let’s see how it went…

Day One-

Worked on big client social media platforms to find a way to promote their business a lot more, becoming an editor on their page in order to control and look at where the changes could occur. Gathering pictures and planning on the social media updates to occur throughout March. Later on, looked at Naked taking on Instagram to help promote our business. Sorting through the benefits and disadvantages of joining the ol’ ‘gram. Comparing our competitors pages to others in the same industry.

Day Two-

Finished the Instagram presentation ready for in a couple of week’s time to present to the team as a Fika, so we can all give our thoughts to whether it’s a good idea or not. Also posted on the kitchen designer’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the first time. Completed a plan for the company to follow to attract more clients with Ben. Uploaded logos onto a Norfolk website with James. Getting to grips with the flip-side of a website the public doesn’t see.

Day Three-

Worked with James on an oil company’s posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Completed the posts for the next three months and posted my first tweet and Facebook update as the company. In the afternoon, Ben set me the task of looking at another heating company to determine whether they should be posting in Parish council newsletters in small villages around the South of England. Posted more for the same kitchen company on three social medias regarding their Cambridge studio.

Day Four-

Last day of the week for me (part timer eh?), finished off my task from yesterday on the oil company who expanded their branch to the Reading area, and looked into the top 15 oil contracts from clients and whether there was further advertising available. Following that I worked on two hotels websites within the Norfolk area, went behind the scenes and re-named the pictures so the company would come up higher when people searched for their services in that area. Part of the S.E.O program that James runs. May not sound a lot however, these smaller tasks all come together at the end for reports to our clients.

This first week has been fantastic, feel like I’ve been here longer than four days! Soon I’ll be needing to get my pension ready. I would like to thank the Naked team for making me feel welcome and involved in their projects and banter. As well as the opportunity to progress into the industry I desire. Look forward to working closely with you all over the next few months. At the end of the week, I still believe that I have the cleanest car compared to the “G-wagon”.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me writing posts to keep everyone up to date with Naked Marketing.