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Helping online sales of luxury fruit baskets go bananas!

First got Naked 2021

A perfect pear... 

We have worked with Luxury Fruit Baskets for several years on a number of marketing projects. Based in Swaffham the business also has a sister company, Starlings of Swaffham, a florist catering for all types of flower arrangements.

Both businesses were flourishing and there was an opportunity to develop and push the Luxury Fruit Baskets part of the business to new levels, and we were tasked with growing the sales of fruit baskets online.

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Seeing the fruits of our labours...

We initially agreed to run a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. Month on month updates were made, analytics were tracked and further improvements, based on the data, were planned and implemented. Our aim was to improve Google rankings, alongside improving the conversion rate of the website.

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We achieved grape things...

In just six months, we were delighted to see results that showed a huge increase in sales, and conversions. Resultantly Luxury Fruit Baskets were able to win big corporate contracts including a significant order with Electronic Arts. Their keyword rankings also saw them move above Marks & Spencer’s.

Online sales have continued to grow organically, and we are delighted to have been part of the process.

Ranking higher than household brands like M&S