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Independence Matters

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Branding matters for Independence Matters

First got Naked 2021

A choice for life

Naked originally won a competitive pitch to brand Independence Matters, a spin-out social enterprise from Norfolk County Council. As with any brand, over time, Independence Matters has evolved and was in need of a brand tweak to tie in its new values and purpose. 

IM Branding

A new line that bring choices to life

Following on from what was an initial meeting to update the current website we soon realised that there was a new purpose to the organisation. Time and again in conversations a line kept popping up – ‘the life you choose’. It was a line that added extra substance to the existing ‘I Matter’ brand. It also allowed questions to be asked of the customers and staff alike, to allow better understanding of their needs and requirements. We added the line to the logo and produced a short animation featuring current IM customers. 

IM Pen

Taking the original brand we developed, we introduced a strapline to better explain Independence Matters' purpose

IM Website
IM Website1
IM Website2
IM Branded Interior
IM Branded Interior2
IM Branded Interior3
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A flexible brand

The Independence Matters brand has also been showcased on a new website and also features strongly on interior graphics throughout day hubs in Norfolk, reinforcing the purpose behind the brand and demonstrating a friendly, human touch.

"We love the brand Naked have developed for us."

Naked recently helped us to revisit our brand - they know their stuff and take the time to get under the skin of their clients to find out who they are and what makes their business tick. We love the brand they’ve developed for us and feel it truly represents what we are about as a social care organisation. We particularly enjoy how the brand elements give us opportunities to be creative and do fun things with it ourselves; these small changes have made it feel even stronger and more closely aligned to our values – we are delighted with the result.”

Managing Director, Independence Matters