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From TV screen to ice cream – packaging design

First got Naked 2020

Bringing household names to your freezer

Icefresh Foods, based in Holt, have been producing delicious frozen desserts under licensed household name brands for years. From Peppa Pig, Star Wars to the sweet treats of your childhood, Icefresh products and Naked’s packaging design can be found in your local supermarket, and hopefully your freezer!

Icefresh Paw Patrol Lollies
Icefresh Peppa Pig Lollies
Icefresh Blackjack Lollies

Straight in my basket

Each packaging design presents the challenge of adhering to strict and detailed brand guidelines from the creators of these loveable brands. Our designers also have to consider latest food packaging standards and guidelines for print – both of which by now we are quite familiar! This in mind, the design still needs that stand out that persuades a tempted shopper to add the sweet treats to their trolley or basket.

Icefresh Despicable Me
Icefresh Minions Lollies
Icefresh Flumps Lollies
Icefresh Banner Stands
Icefresh Star Wars Lollies
Icefresh Fruit Salad Lollies

Longserving trusted design partner

It is testament to our knowledge of packaging requirements, design and attention to detail, that we have partnered Icefresh Foods with the launch of products under worldwide multi-million pound brands for over 15 years. (If we’re completely honest, immersing ourselves in Star Wars brand guidelines ahead of designing under the Star Wars brand is about as exciting as it can get!)

“The Peppa Pig ice cream has sold well over 40 million units to date and counting.”

We recently worked in partnership with Naked Marketing, who designed our range of Barratt Ice Cream Lollies packaging. The on-brand, creative designs enabled us to deliver first class artwork to one of our key customers. We received quick and helpful responses from the whole team, who were experienced and had high levels of attention to detail. The service was professional and reliable throughout the working relationship and we would highly recommend working with Naked Marketing.”

Brand Manager

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