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Hadley & Ottaway

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Revitalising a household name after a recession

First got Naked 2021

Hadley & Ottaway, a Norfolk staple 

Hadley & Ottaway first approached Naked Marketing over a decade ago to help the business get back on its feet following the recession which had a significant impact upon the housing market and subsequently the removals industry. 

The initial opportunity was to drive much needed leads into the business to help recovery from the recession. 

As the years developed Naked’s role within the business grew, which presented further opportunities for Hadley & Ottaway to grow their brand presence. 

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Delivering value and return

As with any initial relationship, we had to earn the trust of Hadley & Ottaway and prove we could deliver added value and a return on investment. 

Our initial work was focused on developing the brand and creating additional awareness within Norfolk. Hadley & Ottaway is a heritage brand in the region, and we felt this was the perfect starting point. 

As our relationship grew with David Galer (Managing Director), we became marketing consultants for the business, helping to provide marketing direction and advertising opportunities for the business. 

After several years of successful re-growth Naked was then invited to become the outsourced marketing department for Hadley & Ottaway to deliver digital marketing and drive a significant increase in leads for the business. 

Hadley Ottaway Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We have been looking after Hadley & Ottaway’s SEO for the past 6 years helping to improve the rankings of over 25 keywords and drive increased traffic to the website. 

Google Ads (PPC)

We have helped Hadley & Ottaway to run Google Ad campaigns to grow their market share in new geographical locations where there is limited knowledge of the brand. 

These PPC campaigns have enabled Hadley & Ottaway to win more work outside of area, allowing for further business growth and job opportunities. 

Social Media Marketing

As part of our ongoing marketing support we deliver social media marketing for the Hadley & Ottaway team to include news updates, job vacancies, accreditations and highlighting removal work. 


Hadley & Ottaway is a heritage brand, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be at the cutting edge of technology. 

We were able to identify from Google Analytics they were missing out on converting a percentage of web traffic because of mobile design limitations from their existing website. 

Therefore we undertook a website redesign project to help drive increased conversions and enquiries from the website, especially on mobile devices. 

Following the new website launch, website enquiries grew by over 80% comparatively on the previous year and the business achieved back to back record sales months.

Back to back record sales months for the first time in their 90 year history | Growth in website enquiries by over 150% | Market share in new geographical areas

The promoting and marketing of our Company has always been and continues to be an important aspect of our business. In an ever changing economy and environment we must ensure that we are at the forefront of the moving industry. For the past 18 years Naked Marketing have used their expertise in helping Hadley & Ottaway a market leader in the Removals industry. Their willingness to understand how our Company operates whilst identifying specific areas where growth can be achieved has been exceptional. We very much look forward to the continuation of our partnership with Naked Marketing and their help in taking our Company to even greater success.”

David Galer – Hadley & Ottaway