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First got Naked 2020

Understanding the importance, but lacking the resources

As an owner-run business, Anglia Elite Banqueting Hire has limited time to engage with marketing activity. Understanding the importance of raising brand awareness and regular communication with customers, they look to Naked to offer the on-demand resource to help them grow as a business.

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Creating and driving forward marketing activity

With our help, Anglia Elite were able to drive forward their marketing to increase brand awareness and customer enquiries. We created bespoke marketing campaigns for their key client groups, conducting a brand and key messaging workshop to establish key differentials and messaging. This helped inform marketing initiatives including a new e-commerce website design – optimised for search engine rankings, regular email marketing to engage with customers and suppliers, and a new brochure.

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Early results proving a positive impact

Discovering the greatness of the Anglia Elite brand has helped shape their marketing and really establish their position as a brand. A newly designed website, focused on user-experience with easy product categorisation and filtering, his showing a reduced number of customer dropouts in the buying process and an increase in conversion rate. All in all, clarity for the brand, the means to spread that message and a easy-to-use method of buying is helping to grow Anglia Elite’s business.

Reduced customer dropouts and increased conversion rate