Naked Steve, why are you naked?”

Simple is the answer friends. I stick around to remind the naked guys and gals to stay un-fussy, honest and down to earth. I wrote them a manifesto, the rulebook of nakedness, to keep them on their nude path. It’s my most favouritest piece of work and I wanted to share it with you. 


January 2021 Naked Manifesto Eshot v3

The Naked Manifesto

1. Naked doesn’t hire people who don’t care.

Our way that is definitely not!

2. If we make balls up, we put hands up.

No hiding away, sweeping under the carpets or shifting of blame games!

3. Naked doesn’t do plushy offices or trendiness of pool tables.

Why should customer pay for more than Naked top banana work?

4. Naked people never use meanlessing marketing bullsheister

Please feel freedom to hit us with sack if we ever do!

5. At Naked clients deal only with the geniosos doing the work of brilliance

Why make you pay for bloaty top dollar bag handler people?

6. Small is just as beautiful to Naked

Why should just the big brands enjoy best workings? Our pricing makes for affordability for all

In shortiness, Naked aims to be the best small agency you’ll ever work with. 

*Naked Steve’s ancestors were crash-test dummies from Scandinavia, so please forgive his pronunciation in places.

We’ve worked with the Naked Marketing team for a number of years on a wide range of projects – the design work is consistently fantastic and the service is friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them!”

UK Marketing Manager - ATPI