Branding Process

Our process isn’t set in stone, we are flexible to suit the client and project at hand. However, a typical branding process looks like this, taking around 6 weeks in total.


Step 1: What does success look like?

A no-obligation first meeting with you gives us the opportunity to discuss the challenge, what you need to achieve, and discover what success looks like. This helps us to learn more about you, and you about us.

Step 2: Finding the greatness

We dig a little deeper to discover what makes your business special. It could be a purpose, a strong belief or a uniqueness that needs exposing. We do this through a short workshop for multiple stakeholders, or meeting for smaller owner-run businesses. It’s important here that we create clarity, not confusion.

Step 3: Initial Ideas

This is where things get really exciting. We take what we learned in Step 2 and look at different ways we can bring it to life - both visually and through key messages aimed at your audience. We’ll present our initial ideas to you and ask for your feedback on our approaches, in order to narrow focus on developing the ideas that you feel are right for you.

Step 4: Narrowing our focus

Now that you’re excited, we tweak and refine until we’re both satisfied that we’ve got it to exactly where it needs to be. We provide you with all the files you need to start using your branding. At this point, we can design brand guidelines for you, to ensure your new brand is used correctly by employees, colleagues and other external partners.

Step 5: Just the beginning

With your new branding you can set out to shape the way your customers, prospects, and colleagues think about your business. You’ll want to share your newfound clarity and energy with the world.

Finding that greatness and bringing it to life is where things really start to get exciting!

It doesn't have to end there...

As the creators of your new branding and as someone who by now you share an understanding with, we’re perfectly placed to help your new brand with the world. Our design, digital and marketing expertise can help you to make it happen and we'd hope to build a long-lasting rewarding relationship with you.