Day 3

Wondering how to spread that festive cheer? Wonder no longer, Be Happy Box is here...

Over the last few years the lives of my family and I were turned upside-down when someone close was diagnosed with cancer. With the diagnosis came bereavement which had a profound effect on each of us.  

Grief isn’t something that my family had experienced before this point, and I personally noticed my mental health was taking a battering. Luckily I had amazing people around me that helped support me with the way I was feeling. Even though it wasn’t something I ever really wanted to talk about, I know it also affected others too. 

So, during this time, and after a number of family conversations about how life can affect people's mental health, we wanted to make sure no one else ever felt like they had no one around. And that is how Be Happy Box was born. We wanted to make it easy for someone to send a friend, relative or colleague a personalised way of saying "I am here for you".

As well as one-off gift boxes that we currently sell, we will be launching our new subscription boxes in January. We have some great opening offers on these, so be sure to check out our website for all the information. 

What do we love about Norfolk? Well, what’s not to love! We live a few minutes’ walk from the river and the beach so we get to enjoy the beauty of sunrises and sunsets over gorgeous scenery.

Elly, Be Happy Box.

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At Be Happy Box our Christmas Motto is borrowed from our favourite Christmas film - Elf. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”

Elly – Be Happy Box

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In the words of Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry (about Christmas gift ideas) Be Happy..."

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