Day 23

This one is 'Moo'gnificent. Honestly, Old Hall farm are 'udderly' great. Happy cows, milkshakes and cream yum - what more could you want!...

Old Hall Farm are a Cow With Calf Dairy and Farm shop specialising in raw Jersey milk, milkshakes, cream, butter and much more from their own grass fed Jersey cows who are allowed to keep their calves with them rather than weaning at birth - usually for 6-8 months but this can be longer depending on the cow and calf pair.

The Mayhew family have farmed in Woodton since the mid 1940's, and started out with a small suckler cow herd, chickens for egg production, and pig rearing, as well as farming over 500 acres of arable land.

Whilst on a family holiday in 2016, Stuart and Rebecca Mayhew spent time on a friend's dairy unit in Scotland and fell in love with the idea of having their own herd of Jersey cattle. Their first cow, Freya arrived in November 2016 and they haven't looked back since.

What makes Old Hall Farm different?

Not only is all the milk sold RAW direct to the public (no bulk sales to supermarkets here), but the cows also get to keep their calves with them for at least the first 6 months of their lives.

The farm shop
The idea for our business was born out of a love for Jersey cows and everything we do is influenced by this. We use simple artisan processes for all of our products, and believe in quality over quantity.
The farm shop was opened in May 2017 and now stocks all the yummy goods- you're sure to find something that takes your fancy!
Raw Jersey Milk, Milkshakes, Jersey Cream, Jersey Butter, Free Range Rainbow Eggs, Local Honey, Jam and Apple Juice, Artisan Bread, Home made baked goods, Free range Chicken, Locally grown beef and lamb (until we can produce our own)
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All aboard... come visit Old Hall Farm. Just hit the snazzy button below and we'll be off!

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