Day 21

It doesn't get 'cheddar' than this! Hodson & Co Cheese Room is the next stop, they're totally 'grate'...

At the age of 50, I owe a lot to so many for my life within hospitality. From those who mentored me in my early life right through to the chance to run the kitchen at the Grove at Cromer, on my return to Norfolk in 2013, where I was awarded two rosettes within in 7 months.

My dream was always 'could I gather all those I’ve met and worked with together under one roof?'. In a shop that had a traditional English charm, large windows, creaky floorboards, shelves full of my favourite things and that smell of freshly baked rolls and pork filling that simply encapsulates the foodie soul.  That is how the idea of Hodson & Co was born.

Now it was about finding the venue. With Aylsham in the heart of Norfolk farming land and the porky home of our ‘Big Norfolk Sausage Bash’, co-hosted and organised by Coxfords the butchers, Walsingham farm shop & Charlie’s Norfolk Food Heroes, it seemed like the perfect fit. 

Something just felt right when I walked over the threshold of the shop door, with that creek of the floorboard and after ten seconds of walking around, I knew this was it. I had found the home for Hodson & Co. Not simply a shop but a way to give back to all those amazing producers who have supported me as a chef and local food champion over the years.    

With Love From Norfolk

Charlie Hodson

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We've gathered the best produce from Norfolk's chutney and jam wizards, millers, apple squeezing cider-pressers, grape growers and bubbly wine makers, spirit of the county distillers, blade forging magicians, foundry pan makers and chef’s apparel providers”

Charlie Hodson - Hodson & Co Cheese Room

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For a knock out treasure trove of mouthwatering Norfolk delicacies, pay Hodson & Co a visit, it won't disappoint.

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