Day 16

Today I'm shaking it up with a tip-top trip to the tremendous Tipsy Jar. Try saying that once you've had a few of their tantalising treats.
"Born out of lockdown, we wanted to help ease the limitation of restrictions and show you don't need to go to a bar or have any fancy equipment to enjoy a freshly made cocktail.

Our cocktail jars are all freshly made to order by our experienced mixologist - with two servings, all the garnish and ice. No need for any extra equipment, our jars double as your cocktail shaker.

Our mixologist has had years of experience creating menus and running popular bars and pubs in Norwich, which translates into our bespoke menu. Every recipe has been carefully designed for Tipsy Jar and cuts out the need for any additional equipment. Stay in and choose from over 15+ cocktails and 0% ABV cocktails directly to your door and designed with everybody in mind. We use as much local produce as possible, from homegrown rhubarb to local marmalade in our popular Negroni. Perfect to mix & match, and the chance to show off with your home creation!

Stay safe and have a very Merry Christmas - however, this may come!"
Ellie, Tipsy Jar
Tipsy Jar 1
Tipsy Jar 2
Tipsy Jar 3
Tipsy Jar 4
Stay safe and have a very Merry Christmas - however it may come!”

Ellie - Tipsy Jar

Steve's finger

I mean come on. Who doesn't want to make mouth-watering cocktails from the comfort of their couch...

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