Day 11

You couldn't get more Norfolk if you tried. Today we're stopping at Norfolk Gift Box, home of all things awesome...

"Both my partner and I love Norfolk. As a child, I spent several years living in Lincoln, coming to Norfolk for holidays. As adults, it was an easy choice for Rob and I to pick Norfolk to raise our family.

The concept behind our business, Norfolk Gift Box, actually came from a company in Boston, USA, who had created a postage box with local goodies. It was cheap and cheerful, but what we really liked was the fact that it used local companies for its products. What a great idea, support your local community and build a business.

The idea then came to fruition after visiting a trade show outside The Forum, Norwich. After a conversation with Candi from Candi’s Chutney about how she was struggling for time to get a larger online audience, we thought that maybe we could help. We started tasting and sourcing many local delights that we had never tried before and were amazed at the quality of the products, and the fact that these were being made right on our doorstep. So why not showcase all these handcrafted, award-winning products in one place? So that’s what we did.  

That was five years ago, since then we’ve sourced many fantastic local products, made good friends, and learnt so much. From setting up a website, finding the right marketing strategy for us, and most importantly building up a hugely supportive network. We wouldn’t be here today without your support."

Jo, Norfolk Gift Box

Norfolk Gift Box 2
Norfolk Gift Box 1
Norfolk Gift Box 3
Norfolk Gift Box 4
On that note I’m going to relax now, have a little mulled wine and put my feet up. We hope you do the same, and have a fantastic Christmas.”

Jo and Rob - Norfolk Gift Box

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Nutty Norfolk maybe, but it's home to some true gems. Go on, dive in and have a look around...

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