Day 10

Today we're visiting a great bunch who are sure to be on the nice list. Goodery are simply the best choice for yummy, organic, planet-saving food... is a Norfolk-based online grocery marketplace where you can shop for everyday essentials from local companies.

We connect local, ethical businesses with conscious customers. We deliver with zero emissions and as little waste possible. 

Unlike conventional retailers, we are created for and driven by the needs of our local area. We know our community wants to shop local, eat healthy and reduce their impact on the planet. 

We started up in Norwich as a response to the needs of our community to support NHS staff during COVID-19. Goodery now serves and delivers everyday essentials to hundreds of happy customers in the local Norfolk community.

Shop local this Christmas at

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Good for the community. Good for the planet. Good for you.”

- Goodery

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It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice this year. Just visit Goodery to spread support and festive cheer...

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